​      Prema is a lifetime seeker of the great source through her relationship with our living earth, her studies and creations in the arts, indigenous wisdom, travels and adventure, academic study, eastern philosophy, yoga, and the ancient wisdom schools.  Burnt out by public education in her career as a social studies, high school teacher, she was drawn to go deeper into her practice of yoga as a path toward the highest self...the 'ATMA'.  Through the tools & practices of yoga, and the wisdom teachings of Hawaii Nei in regards to ALOHA 'the law of love' and of MANA 'spiritual power', she became more aligned and in awe of the intrinsic and deeply healing benefits of yoga.  

Through all her years of teaching she always ended up asking: What is the cause of societal issues/problems?  The answer that came through was that people on a soul level, have been disempowered, disconnected, & distracted from their most true, divine self.  So with yoga as her means of service this is what she brings to this world:

E M P O W E R  P E O P L E! 

H E L P   R E C O N N E C T   T H E M   TO  T H E 

 G R E A T   P O W E R   S O U R C E   W I T H I N

 &   H E L P   T H E M   R E T U R N   B A C K  

T  O   S O V E R E I G N T Y   &  

T R U E   F R E E D O M

I N  M I N D,   B O D Y,   H E A R T,  &  S O U L!  

Y O G A  OF  H E A L T H

Prema is a full-time, 
Yoga of Health Practicioner 
in Santa Rosa with a loyal following for over eight years.  

She trained at Ananda Seva where she received 
 500RYT (over 500 hours in Registered Yoga Training) 
in yogic/Ayurvedic instruction, philosophy, and health practices.  

Teaching on average 12-14 classes and clients a week, she has been able to understand not just the theory behind yogic tools and techniques, not just the logic behind the food science and herbal medicine of Ayurveda but, more importantly, has been witness to the living application and benefits of them through her regular, long-time clientele & personal practice.

      She received the name Prema Devii 
from Shrii Shrii Anandamurti 
whose lineage of yoga 
she has been blessed to learn.
It means: 
Goddess of Divine Love 

Prema holds a Masters in Education and Bachelors in History/Social Sciences from the University of Washington.

She taught for 9 years as a high school teacher of Native American Studies, History & Social Sciences, and Spanish.

With a lifetime calling to teach, she is proud to note the following teachers with whom she received training and guidance. 

Richard Miller: Author 

Yoga Nidra: The Meditative Heart of Yoga

Shar Lee: Structural Yoga Therapy Trainer in the line of Mukunda Stiles

Sarasvati Buhrman: co-founder of Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda

She is thankful for the deep training in yogic wisdom, philosophy, and science by her personal teachers:

Maetreyii Nolan: psychologist, author, & Acharya

Ananda Deviika Ma:

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti