The body is designed to heal, when given the proper conditions!

What we eat, how we eat, and our relationship to eating either builds health or encourages disease.  

'Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food' 


​'The seat of health is in the gut'

 where absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins occurs. 

The practice of yoga posturing moves energy.  Where energy flows blood flows.  Is your blood healthy and nourishing or stagnant and toxic.  The quality of the blood determines your ability to heal and be healthy.  

What we feed the body determines this.

It is vital that the body systems are  nourished with the proper building blocks to repair, rebuild, and restore health.  Are you getting the essential nutrients: fat, protein, fiber?  Are you getting the full spectrum of vitamins & minerals required to avoid deficiencies?


Y O G A  O F  H E A L T H

Food is Medicine...Eating is Ritual