Pineal Crown Nerve Plexus

Learn how to reach expanded awareness and most important, how to ground it back down through the nerve centers so as to fullfill your path in this life and how to be of service to others


Third Eye Nerve Plexus

Learn the role of the five senses and how to develop receptivity to the wisdom and knowledge beyond the five sense perception

Thyroid Nerve Plexus

Learn how to cultivate discernment and appropriate voice expression to establish clear, honorable boundaries and possibilities.  The art of 'satya'...proper utilization of thought, intention, word, and action is refined and celebrated here

Thymus Heart Plexus

Learn the wisdom teachings of the heart chamber and how to unlock the door to pure compassion and connection...this is the great leap from the ego centered self to the heart centered soul


 Navel Plexus

Learn the essential role of the ego and healthy identity building for true ability to self-actualize and manifest visions & dreams in this life...NOW 


Sacral Plexus

Learn the play of polarity and how to move from extremes to equilibrium...from a positive or negative charge to neutrality, and how evolve in self-expression through the art and dance of the masculine and feminine


Root Plexus

Learn the role of stability and security, and how to make them a foundation for personal growth and evolution

 The Goal and Benefits of: 



*Self-Confidence *Ease in Day to Day Living

*Emotional and Hormonal Balance

*Mental Stillness *Calm *Serenity *Clarity

*Deep content  *Courage *Trust  *Empathy *Presence  *Self-Awareness  *Responsiveness  *Discernment  *Fortitude  *Character Refinement  *Compassion  *Peace

*Self-Actualization  *Meaningful Relationships  *Positivity  *Magnetism

Living Tree Coaching

$80 hr
30 min initial consultation & evaluation (complimentary)
~sliding scale & payment options available

Living Tree of Psychology & Ethics

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