...journey to awakened presence, acceptance, & joy...

​​​Y O G A  O F  H E A L T H

At this point, you have been steadily conditioning the body through any or all the pillars of Y O G A  O F  H E A L T H.  Experiencing less pain and discomfort in the body, feeling more deeply nourished and calm in the nervous system, the mind is the last and greatest pillar for optimal health.  You have gained more control over your breath and energy.  Calming the thoughtwaves of the mind, the ripples in the pond arrive to stillness, revealing the most clear reflection, the most true reflection of self.  To establish content and equilibrium throughout the body/mind system through meditation, allows the greatest treasures to be revealed in regards to all aspects of life.  It is here that we truly harvest the fruits of our journey together ...eternal peace, presence, connection, and bliss with all that is.

 To this infinite gift!


B I-W E E K L Y 

G R O U P  M E D I T A T I O N S

Prema has been holding bi-weekly group meditations/workshops on Fridays from 6-8pm.  For over 3 years, this has been a real refuge for people to open their hearts and still their minds.  With specially crafted herbal teas and homemade medicinal soups, we hope you join us at $10 or by donation.  They are held  at her home Yoga of Health center in Santa Rosa, CA.  Please call to find out the dates and to register: 808-269-2638

Mindfullness Training