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Initial Consultation

Call for a complimentary consultation to hear how Yoga of Health can help you improve your health, address your needs, or reach your goals


Ayurvedic Assessment 

You fill out an Ayurvedic Assessment Form that reveals how we can start bringing the body systems back into balance.  Diet, lifestyle, personal/family and medical history are a few categories of this thorough assessment: 

Personalized Yoga of Health Program

After careful evaluation of your Ayurvedic assessment and based on your unique constitution, a customized, step by step plan is made based on any or all of the  following: 

*Structural  Body Posturing​​​
Open, align, balance, and strengthen the body so that vital energy flows through all the body systems: skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic, digestive, nervous, endocrine, immune.  The breath, movement, postures, & holding condition and engineer the body/mind.  
It is a literal 'TUNE UP'!

*Food is Medicine...Eating is Ritual 
 ​​​ Where energy flows, blood goes to nourish, repair, & rebuild.  The food we eat determines if our blood is pure and nourishing or sluggish and toxic and therefore is central to whether we can heal and reach optimal health.

*Thai Yoga Healing 

​Once a routine practice is in place, the body reveals where it is stuck!   Applied postures, acupressure points, neural recalibration, structural massaging and/or tracking, and basic body mechanics are part of this hands on healing session that awakens within you, the alpha & theta states of wellness.

*Living Tree of Psychology & Ethics

​The body/mind system has 7 key nerve plexus centers along the front of the spinal cord .  Guidance and instruction through the inner work at each plexus is pivotal to maintaining the emotional and mental balance necessary to direct energy and focus toward realizing and fulfilling your life purpose.  

Also, you learn how the Y O G A  of  H E A L T H  program serves as a physiological and psychological tune up for these nerve centers.

*Meditation (Mental Exercises)

​​Build the foundation for meditation: purify, balance, & still the mind (level 1).

 Keep a clear mind and focus concentration (level 2).

 Move beyond the tools of meditation & access a higher intelligence of self-healing and consciousness beyond the mind  (level 3).

Y O G A  OF  H E A L T H