Living Yoga Food is Medicine Retreat:

N. California Coast

​3/20/15  - 3/26/15

Y O G A  OF  H E A L T H


We offer you an opportunity to truly deepen in your YOGA OF HEALTH practices by experiencing just how they can become a lifestyle.  

When we are in the throes of day to day life, we often find ourselves at odds with finding time to fit new habits and routines into an already busy life. However, when we dedicate a length of time to retreat from the busyness, something opens with possibility.  

Perhaps it's the simple realization of how precious life is, or the feeling of a shift toward transformation.  Maybe it's the clarity that comes through to finally let go of someone or something.Nonetheless, it is a shift or beginnings of a shift that help direct our trajectory toward being a better, healthier, human being.  

Every part of the retreat program serves to bring you closer to this goal of possibility in however you desire it.  Every part is designed to support, nurture, deepen, and most of all, empower you to make as large of a shift as you are ready for.  

General Itinerary at Each Retreat:

Greeting you at sunrise for group meditation, we welcome the day with clarity, gratitude and presence.

 Restructuring the body from our nights sleep, we open, align, balance, and strengthen through body posturing. 

Supporting the body's elimination, we mineralize with organic, raw, green vegetable juices to alkaline our ph.  

Giving a foundation for understanding, we  talk in workshop/discourse about the science of yoga, food, & meditation.  

After a nourishing brunch, we break for personal time, reflection, and leisure.  Of course healing therapies (ex: massage) are offered to help assimilate the experiences as well as enable ease of detoxification.  

 Enjoy an antioxidant rich, superfood smoothie during your afternoon workshop.

 Energized, we again condition the body and mind with posturing and sunset meditation to process and end the day full circle.  

Then, we spend the evening eating ritually, the ethnically diverse, highly nutritious meals prepared as medicine.

 We celebrate with evening socials and/or special entertainment.  

With essential herbal teas that rejuvenate internal organs and deepen sleep, our group excursion/adventure will be nothing short of exciting.  ​

*This is what you can expect at each retreat whether it is a week or weekend.  However, each one is truly unique in location, workshop themes, group excursions, and entertainment/special guests.

Will you be joining us?


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