Dear Trish,
Just a thank-you for the terrific class titled Food is Medicine, Eating is Ritual.  In short, it was life changing.  I am writing this as I drink my kale/blueberry/apple/pineapple/kale/Spirulina/Maca/Goji Berry/Lucuma Powder/Hemp Seed shake.  Wow, I would never have made one of these before.  It is delicious and good for me!  You have guided me on a journey of inner ecology that demands I honor my body with wholesome and nutritious foods.  I have taken up the 80/20 banner with my eating habits, and find it really works for me.  I do not crave sugar anymore which is a bit of a miracle.  I have tried to stop sugar before, but did not know how to stem the addiction with super healthy foods. I am not there yet, but definitely feel I am on the road to better health and well being.  Thank-you for your intelligent and clear explanations which allowed us to make changes in our diet right away.  Also, the meals you served were amazingly delicious and highlighted the foods you were emphasizing for that class.  The classes flowed well together building on the knowledge base you laid down.  At the conclusion of the series, I experienced humility, awe, wonder,joy, and respect as I discovered the harmony that exists in nature and our bodies.
To good health,
Kathleen Torgeson

 I had some very good news.  My impetus to take your Food is Medicine Class was prompted by some very poor lab results in May.  My Lipids were so high, that my Dr. wanted to start me on a lipid lowering drug.  I told her I would have labs drawn again after this class, then if they were still high, I would consider medication.  So I just received my August lab results, and they are really good! My cholesterol went from 262 to 205, and my triglycerides dropped 236 points!  My good cholesterol went up and the bad went down. My liver enzymes are now normal.  They were so high in May, the lab automatically tested for hepatitis, but luckily that was negative.  Thank-you for putting me on the right track, Trish.  I must say I have never seen such dramatic changes in such a short period of time in my 30 years of nursing.
See you on Wed.,
Kathleen Torgeson

Dear Trish, thank you for an amazing and insightful session (Food is Medicine...Eating is Ritual: Session 1.3: Healing the intestinal tract).  I am so happy to be part of this.  It really has influence on me.

Agata Plich

I always feel healthier and inspired after your classes.  

Jean Farmer

I feel my progress with you...I'm trusting my body & the process.

​Valerie Borg

Hi Prem - loved the class on Saturday - such good info and food. just to let you know how much of a blessing you are - your goodness and desire to be of service to us all just flow from you - you are a delight :)


Thank so much for a wonderful experience yesterday.I was very impressed by your knowledge on healthy food and your spiritual practice. It was heartwarming to see you use it to help others.
With heartfelt gratitude
Jacques Pinchon

Good afternoon, Trish.
What a special experience my morning with you was.  Your knowledgeable attention to all parts of my body, as well as your gentle, calming instruction, set my mind and body on a new course.  I greatly appreciate your sharing and caring and hope to return to Santa Rosa for another session sometime later this spring.  Many thanks and a warm hug,

Gay Laaback

It is great to see how happy you are.  It reminds me that radiance requires working on oneself and letting go of the effort to take care of everybody else's life. 
Part of me wishes you came straight back from Hawaii so that I could have my favorite teacher again, but I see now that I learn more from seeing the results of you making your physical and spiritual health a priority.
I have much to learn.  Thanks for being a great role model.  
This goes to my comment in your meditation class, "I am unwilling to give the the burdens I have worked so hard to achieve."
Your radiance helps me to to become willing to give up the burdens.
Anet Dunne

Yoga introduced me to a better way of life.  Yoga introduced me to my Breath, which I have found has the power to heal my physical and mental cores.  Yoga has strengthened my body and mind to enable me to live happier, healthier, and move closer to a stress free life.  This Life improvement has transcended the yoga studio, into my work office and into my family and personal life.  The transformation is truly unbelievable.  I have been practicing for less than three years.  I look forward to a life with yoga practice until the day I pass from this physical body.  Thank you Trish for helping me trod this Path.  It has been a wonderful Journey.

Eric Reid

Thank you so kindly for your instruction today! Our group is talking about the positive effects and how awesome you are at leading us!  I can't thank you enough for tying the happiness effects, meditation and the many health benefits of being mindful of our body and importance of breathing.
You are amazing. Thank you again

Joely Landreth

I'm so grateful to have shared such a magical weekend with you all. It was truly life changing & Life enhancing(I knew it would be)

Cyrelle McDonald

What a great weekend at Lake Sonoma! Many thanks to you and your team of wonderful foodies for healthy, inspiring, and delicious meals!

Melanie Field


Y O G A  OF  H E A L T H

I started taking yoga classes with Trish, Prema Devi, 6 years ago at my gym. I was looking for a class to help relieve my back pain and sciatica. I knew after a few classes that this was the teacher and style of yoga I had been searching for. I progressed from the large classes at the gym to small, weekly restorative yoga classes at her home. Trish tailors her classes to her clients needs. She generously shares her expansive knowledge of yoga, nutrition and health with her students.

A year ago I began monthly, private thai yoga posturing sessions in addition to the weekly classes. This combination of sessions has helped me keep working in a physically demanding job and enjoy the outdoor activities and adventures I love (surfing, mountaineering, caving, etc.). Not only have these classes helped me physically but I'm healthier and happier because of her. Yoga has had a profound effect on my life. I'm forever thankful I found such a gifted yoga teacher.

You really help me improve my quality of life! I'm so glad I found you...

Scott Belland
owner/contractor Case Electrical Construction 

Hi Trish (Prema Devii)

Thank you so very much for your passion and excellent teaching skills.  The recent election results have been devastating to a lot of people.  Now more than ever I look forward to your class and the communal atmosphere.