Y O G A    OF   H E A L T H

Thai Yoga Healing 

When a routine of yogic posturing & nourishment is established, the body often reveals where it is more deeply blocked and/or locked by negative  patterns, tendencies of mind, or even trauma.  Working with your breath, pressure is applied to key energy lines to gradually open and relieve the area.  Also, applied yoga postures and massage movements are used to help restructure the body and help track itself back into alignment. 

A noticeable transformation occurs because of this direct, hands on healing session.  It effectively recalibrates the entire body/mind/energy system especially the nervous system, toward higher alignment on all levels, facilitating a state of ease, joy, and awareness of greater states of well-being.



*After each session you will be given specific postures, dietary recommendation, mental exercises, breathing practices, & meditation instruction to help assimilate the restructuring and recalibration into the body/mind complex.  For example, if a client has a lot of twitching or cramping, therapeutic stretching excercises, increasing magnesium through green leafy vegetables or cacao,  & elongating exhales to reduce acidity and stress would be recommended.

1 hr  $100 

(general healing)

1.5 hrs  $140 

(general healing + issue of focus  $10 discount )

2 hrs  $180

 (deep, general  healing + specialized focused $20 discount)

2.5 hrs $220 

(deepest overall healing + advanced focus $30 discount)